Is the pursuit of perfection holding you back?

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This morning.

I was busy on a task for a client. Getting her blog archive to display ‘just right’. I was enjoying the task as I love getting things ‘correct’. It is no secret here on this blog that I battle with perfectionism. This is an asset when working as a virtual assistant or working on the design of a website, for sure. But overall, it holds me back.

I have SO MANY blog posts sitting in drafts, waiting to be perfected. I vowed this would not be another one.

My daughter joined me in my office, she was almost ready for her mid morning nap and was getting grumpy so wanted to be near me. I needed a few more minutes on my task so I set her up with a notebook and some khokis and crayons. She kept herself amused for a good 20 minutes here, but don’t be fooled into thinking I have a bunch of new artworks to hang on the fridge. Oh no. 90 percent of the time was spent making sure her doll was sitting ‘just right’ and that dolly had her hat on, ‘just right’, and that her own chair was pulled up to the table ‘just so’. She would spend a few second scribbling in her notebook and then she went back to arranging everything. She swapped chairs with her dolly a couple of times and each time everything had to be done all over again, doll sitting up with her hat on, chaired pulled up to the table just so. Notebook laid out neatly and the crayons and khokis chosen.

It was adorable. However, I felt myself wanting to urge her to forget the arrangement of chairs and how her dolly is seated but just to draw. PRODUCE something! Stand at the table if you have to.

In the same moment I realised that the reason she is so focused on just getting herself set up at the table, is because at this point that is all she can MASTER. She battled to pull her own chair up to the table and sit on it at the same time. I realised that getting this right is so essential for her development at this stage. I held my tongue. She was content.

After she had fallen asleep in my arms I moved her downstairs to our bed and lay with her for a few minutes, with her breastfeeding, to make sure she didn’t wake up. I got to thinking about all of this and how it relates to my own life.

I thought about how I spend so much time on the design of my website and so little time on actually producing blog posts. I am still not happy with my website design. As a website designer I don’t think I will ever be content with it though. However, I want to produce more. I am not simply content to master the website design. I want to produce blog posts. Lots of them! One a week, at least!

Can you relate? Do you suffer with perfectionism? We are not all two years old and cannot be content with merely ‘getting it together’, us creatives need to produce, do we not? So what is holding you back? Take this as a little nudge today to forget all that is ‘wrong’ with your creation and just get it out.

I close with the quote that I first heard via Leonie Dawson but I don’t think she claims it as her own;

‘DONE is better than perfect’

Christine Powell

Christine Powell

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