Hello! I’m Christine

I’m a mom, wife and home maker. I’m also a South African, a gardener, and an iPhone photographer. I spend a lot of time concentrating on creating my best life, on eliminating suffering (at large) and living consciously. My husband and I discuss our thoughts on the origins of the earth, and spirituality, almost every evening. That being said, my newest personal challenge is to get the house clean right down to mopped floors, everyday – the struggle is real.

I am also a work at home mom, a business owner and a professional VA. Can you be mom of the year and a lady boss? I’m not sure, but I am sure as hell trying! 😀

My favourite foods are Avocado, green smoothies, pasta and good quality milk chocolate. Its all about balance.

I drink copious amounts of tea, and I am a book nerd, we don’t own a TV. I’ve recently taken a life shift in what books I enjoy, in my twenties I avoided anything that could be referred to as chick lit, priding myself in the fact that my book shelf held more Man Booker Prize winners than the local library. More recently, however, I have realised that life is a challenge enough without focusing on the hardships experienced during apartheid just before bed, and I now enjoy easier reading novels of the Shantaram variety. I also get giddy at the release of any new self help / motivational type books.

I have two children, a five year old son who has a photographic memory and a vocabulary that would shame most 16 year olds, and a 1 year old angel/terror of a daughter. I practice attachment parenting, gentle discipline, and I’m a breastfeeding advocate. I homeschool my 5 year old, more unschool actually, and I’ll be looking into unschooling more and more over the next few months as the pressure to start kindergarten sets in. I loosely follow the Waldorf pedagogy, and I’ve bought a Waldorf curriculum to use next year, but we shall see how much use it gets.

I love growing herbs and vegetables, and I’m pretty good at it. I attempt growing roses, but I’m not so good at that. I live in sunny South Africa, and love it.

I’ve worked as a teacher, as a social media marketing consultant, as a bookkeeper, as an organic produce seller and most recently as a Virtual Assistant. In the future I plan to coach, life coach, business coach, I feel I have a lot of advice to give!

Head on over to my service menu for more info on my virtual assistant services, or my blog which I occasionally post to – better yet, find me on Instagram!


Christine Powell

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