Mar 30, 2020

How to add a banner to your WordPress website with a link to the South African governments’ official Covid-19 portal

The South African government is requiring all .za websites to link to their Covid-19 portal somewhere on their landing page. This needs to be done by Thursday, apparently. See official tweet here.

This is supposedly to reduce the amount of fake news out there and get the correct information into the public’s hands.

I have no idea how they will be policing this, and whether there will be any ramifications for those who do not get this up in time.

For my SA hosting & web management clients I will be adding a banner to the bottom of their site as part of my services, if they would like me to. It’ll look similar to the one on this website. For the rest of you, I have written this super short how-to tutorial. I hope it is helpful. Alternatively, email me and I can get it done for you for a small fee.

The pickings were slim for a plugin that suited our needs, and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. I eventually settled on a plugin that is normally used for Cookie Consent. It is free, and with a little customization it does the job well.

To start, head on over to Plugins > Add new

Search for ‘GDPR Cookie Consent’

Click ‘install now’ and then click ‘activate’ once installed.

You’ll see it pop up in your left hand menu of your dashboard as ‘GDPR Cookie Consent’

Leave the settings on the ‘General’ tab as is

On the ‘Customize Cookie Bar’ tab you are going to leave the message heading blank and add this html code to the ‘message’ box:

Stay up to date with the latest news and online resources on COVID-19 here: <a href=”httpss://” target=”_blank”></a>.

It is unclear what exactly the banner needs to say, so you can edit the wording how you see fit.

Lastly, on the ‘Customize Button’ tab, remove the words ‘ACCEPT’ from the ‘text’ box. And toggle the ‘Show as’ selection to ‘link’

Click ‘Update Settings’ and you are done.

Stay safe and well South Africa! x


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