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For those without the time or expertise to maintain their own websites

Wouldn’t it be nice if your website ran smoothly at all times, and you never had to battle with a tech issue or security issue again?

Do you find it easier to ignore those little alerts about updates when you log into your website?

Is your website not performing as it once was, getting slower and slower to load…

Have you had more than your fair share of spam comments and perhaps even an annoying hacker?

Are you completely overwhelmed when it comes to tech issues? And every time there is an issue with your website does it take a whole day to get it resolved?

You may have hired an expensive developer or designer to do this in the past. You may have tried to perform the updates yourself but just can’t keep up or don’t have the time. You may have even tried all the step-by-steps on the internet and are still feeling overwhelmed….

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you have no control over your own website. I am a completely self taught designer and techy – in the past, I, too, have had all of the exact same issues you may be experiencing with your website.

That is exactly why I created this website management package.

For busy creatives, just like you. This package is meant to help you shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling supported.

Never again speak to a hotline in some obscure country – Fuss free, personalized support and direct contact with myself, Christine. Feel the joy of being totally supported whilst realizing the value of outsourcing.

this website management package includes


Theme & plugin licenses


Weekly WordPress Core File Updates, as needed


Regular backups


1 hour of support per month

Straightforward, reliable and responsive – Christine is great to work with. From ongoing website maintenance to updating content, investigating issues and recommending improvements – I no longer have a backlog of website tech admin lurking on my to-do list because Christine takes care of all of it for me.

Grace Marshall

Head coach, chief encourager, author and productivity ninja, Grace Marshall

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