2023 By Design Planning Ebook

The sparkly possibility a new year holds – isn’t it just magic!

I know I’m not alone in thinking 2022 ended up being a tad more challenging than most of us anticipated.

This year I had a baby, and then found out she had congenital cataracts. It was a year of uncertainty and worry and fear, and hospitals. As 2022 draws to a close, a fresh start has never sounded more enticing.

Over the years I have tried many many different approaches to planning, and the methods that had the most impact on my life were the really abstract ones – the dreamboard, the oracle forecasts, stream of consciousness journaling – kindling clarity and foresight with none of the rigidity of a stuffy year planner.

We always know what the next move is. We innately have direction in life. Sometimes this direction gets a bit lost in all of the chaos though.

I have created the 2023 By Design ebook to help you get clear on what you really want from life next year.

This is not a planner as you know it, it is a series of journal prompts to find clarity on what you really want, and steps on how to refine this into actionable goals. It is an ebook, not a workbook, designed so that you can take a prompt and mull it over in your journal to your hearts content.


Putting 2022 to bed
Personal Review
Family Review
Business Review

Invoking 2023
You in 2023
Sacred Word
The Dreamboard
The Oracle Reading

2023 Goals
On setting goals
Personal Goals
Family Goals
Business Goals
Finetuning & tracking


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